We Take A Look At Actors-Turned-Director

In celebration of the recently released Just Jim (2015), the debut feature of one of the youngest actor-turned-directors in recent history, Craig Roberts having produced his first film at the tender age of 24, we at CU-F would like to take a minute to not only celebrate such talent, but to discuss some other awesome actors who have also successfully taken a directorial role….

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Mia Madre (15) | Close-Up Film Review

Moretti’s multi facetted story is about Margherita (Buy), a woman film director, who is in the midst of making her latest film while trying to cope with the fact that her mother is dying. Her real life emotional situation is counterpointed by the political theme of the film she is making, which deals with the takeover of a family firm by an American corporation and the workers’ fight to save their jobs.

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AWOL-72 (15) | Home Ents Review

Even so long after the cold war, the Russians are still making their way into modern Spy movies, although this straight to disc actioner is less Bond standard and more bog standard as the genre goes. AWOL-72 sees AWOL marine Conrad Miller (Luke Goss) seeking out a new life with his girlfriend Laura (Heather Roop). However he posses secret government information that puts him in the aim of the Russian secret service, the CIA and some hired assassins, information Conrad attempts to trade and make a new life for his family.

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