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The Killing of America (18) | Home Ents Review

The Killing of America

Dir. Sheldon Renan, US, 1981, 95 mins

This cult exploitational ‘mondo’ documentary is disturbing and features some very graphic images of violence as well as some deep-end psychopaths talking about killing.

The Killing of America features interviews with police, coroners and mass murderers including Ed Kemper and Wayne Henley, as well as exclusive footage of some of the the World’s most prolific serial killers from Ted Bundy to the Hillside Strangler Kenneth Bianchi.

For me the rationale of the film (that the JFK assassination ushered in a new culture of violence in the United States) is pretty spurious; but it sets the tone for what follows: grim, unexpurgated versions of footage that many of us have seen before.

Despite the hype, the film doesn’t really address any of the issues regarding violence that America still faces – it’s a bit of a conceptual rip off that just make you feel dirty watching it.

Stomach-churning and queasy mondo movie making. Bring back Goodbye Uncle Tom.

Review by Colin Dibben

The Killing of America is out now on Blu-ray.