Not my Day (2015) | Close-Up Film Review


Director: Peter Thorwarth, 115 minutes, in German

Cast: Moritz Bleibtreu, Axel Stein, Jasmin Great

A bloody barrel of laughs. Not to hype up the comedic factor of this picture but there it is, it is funny. Till (Bleibtreu) the protagonist does a great German, Sean of the Dead style Simon Pegg. The unlikely hero. With the whole laid back approach to hating his job and lumping it, he finds action and adventure around the corner from a partner in crime, in the form of ex con Nappo (Axel Stein).

You end up falling in love with one of the biggest nasties I have seen in a movie. Nappo soon turns into a character you just absolutely love to hate. He can fight, he swears frequently, he can kiss like a soldier but shows how even at the bitter end a friend should be treated.

Filmed in Amsterdam, the streets are as recognisable for a traveller as the lights of Times Square or Big Bens chime at Westminster Bridge. The sex, drugs and rock and roll make up an absolutely insatiable break away from the Hollywood glamour. One of those movies which are built around the soundtrack. It shapes the scenes, from beginning to conclusion. And what a soundtrack it is.

There are some terrible computer generated post production action scenes, which will not stand the test of time; however the comical nature of the scenes within made up for it.

Black comedy and violence, mixed with, well more laughs and fighting. To be compared to the movie Head Hunter. It is a story ultimately about friendship. What you need to do to find out what it’s worth. In the words of Till, you find out what matters and who you Love.

By Jennifer Chuks

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