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Doctor Jekyll  (15) |Home Ents Review

Dir. Joe Stephenson , UK, 2023, 89 mins

Cast:  Eddie Izzard, Scott Chambers, Lindsay Duncan, Simon Callow, Jonathan Hyde, Morgan Watkins, Robyn Cara

Review by Kristen Platt

Based on the Robert Louis Stevenson novella The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, this is a modern riff on the well-known tale. 

Rob (a slightly heavy-handed nod to the original author), is recently released from prison. He’s struggling to get even an interview for a job, a job he must have as condition of access to his baby daughter whom he’s never met. His beloved brother lands him an interview for a role as a carer. Upon arrival for the interview, he discovers that the person he’ll be supporting is recluse pharma-billionaire Nina Jekyll. You can probably figure out how the rest goes. 

This is a film that knows exactly what it is and takes pride in that. Eddie Izzard is clearly having a blast portraying Nina (and her alter ego), particularly in the third act when she truly gets to shine. Scott Chambers meanwhile serves perfectly as the bruised-but-trying-to-do-better Rob. The sound design does a lot of the heavy lifting, brilliantly building tension and executing the very best of the scares. Coming in at a tight 89 minutes, it’s a refreshing change from the ponderous behemoths that seem to be all the rage. 

There are other wonderful tributes to Hammer Film’s past – gothic looming shadows and white satin nightgowns all present and correct. The opening and closing credits are a knowing nod to the film’s heritage, artfully executed. 

If you want the hallmarks of classic Hammer films but without the kitsch, this is the film for you.

Available on Digital Download from 11 March