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Kyra kyralina (2015)

Dir: Dan Pita, 91 minutes, Romanian

Cast: Corneliu Ulici, Stefan Lancu, Iulia Carstea, Iulia Dumitru, Dana Borteanu

A film of two halves, part narrative, part story. A tale of the difficulties a family can face. Betrayal, heart ache, guilt, hatred all from the father, the demonified villain of the story. Poisoned by his torture, the family split and turn on each other. Cracks in a family that was once upon a time happy; are now ruins.

The protagonist and narrator Dragomir, was the central element to the story. His character is defined by his name. A Slavic name Derived from the Slavic element dragu meaning “precious” combined with miru meaning “peace, world”. From a child to a man, his coming of age story sees hard times and rude awakenings.

The cinematography should be paid homage. Fire and smoke was an all-round theme; with so much black which starts and concludes the story. Mid way, freedom from the father gives light, the countryside and colours of nature show a new life is born. These happier times thee sun is shining bright. You see the sky. All the colours of nature radiating off each other. The greens of the forest, the browns of nature. The blues of the sky reflected against the water. The purity is beautiful.

A melancholy film, with a broad mix of culture. Set in 1920’s the life of a family with one boy desperately trying to keep it together gives a touching story. The film covers family, abandonment, love and love lost.

By Jennifer Chuks

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