Fisherman’s Friends: One and All (12A) |Close-Up Film Review

Dirs: Nick Moorcroft, Meg Leonard, UK 2022, 115 mins.

Cast: James Purefoy, Maggie Steed, Imelda May, David Hayman, Dave Johns, Jade Anouka

Review by Carlie Newman

This is a lovely, feel good film. And, apart from a couple of brief scenes in London, the setting is the South West so should appeal to Fans of this part of England. And they actually get to perform at Glastonbury! This is a sequel to the Fishermen’s Friends movie made in 2019. In that film, we saw the group who all live in Port Isaac, Cornwall and sing sea shanties acapella, get their first record contract.

The new film picks up where they have made a second album but have no record company to promote and release it. It’s actually a fictionalised account of how they secure a record deal. Some of the same actors who were in the original film, appear again. Chief amongst these is Jim (James Purefoy) whose father Jago (Davis Heyman) – a lead member of the group – has died. Jim is suffering from his bereavement and although his mother, and wife to Jago, Maggie (Maggie Steed) tries to help him, it is not until he forms a connection with Irish singer, Aubrey (Imelda May) that he feels able to re-enter his former life and be the lead member of the group.

There are good performances from all the actors and some glorious singing. David Hayman shows the vulnerability of a supposedly very masculine fisherman, while Maggie Steed is especially good as the grieving widow holding her emotions in check. Nice characterisation, too, by Jade Anouka as the record company executive trying to secure a deal for the group.

The songs are sung by a mixture of the real Fishermen’s Friends and the actors portraying them. But it is impossible to tell who is singing which song. Stay right until the end of the credits to find out! A film to enjoy whatever the weather!