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The Twin (15) |Home Ents Review

Dir. Taneli Mustonen, Finland, 2022, 108 mins

Cast: Teresa Palmer, Steven Cree, Tristan Ruggeri, Barbara Marten

Review by Colin Dibben

Competently shot but weighed down by overworking a restricted range of horror elements, The Twin drags.

After a tragic accident that kills their son, Rachel (Palmer) Anthony (Cree) and their surviving son Elliot (Ruggeri) move to rural Finland to escape traumatic memories.

Rachel finds herself living in a community where the locals just stand there gawping at her. Helen (Marten), a British woman befriends Rachel and tells tall tales of a pagan conspiracy to hurt Elliot, but even Helen finds that difficult to believe. Her dreams tell a different story.

Meanwhile, Anthony isn’t being supportive: is it shock or alcohol or something else? And Elliot is becoming obsessed with his dead twin brother, playing with his toys and sleeping in a bed Rachel has put in his room to get him used to the idea of being short one sibling.

With the best will, it is hard to like The Twin – or even find it scary. The kid isn’t that creepy; like his parents he is just pretty annoying. Rachel’s strong emotions come across as stereotyped, Anthony’s detachment is merely detached. And it feels like the nods to Midsommar are introduced to pad the film out, because the central story isn’t strong enough.

By the time the twist is revealed, you just don’t care. In fact, you wish they’d all stop screaming and die already.


The Twin is out on Blu-ray, DVD and digital from 03 October 2022.