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The Librarians (12) | Home Ents Review

The Librarians E1 (2)

Dir. various, US, 2014, 420 mins

Cast:  Noah Wyle, Rebecca Romijn, Christian Kane, Lindy Booth, John Kim, John Larroquette

The story behind The Librarians TV series began many years ago with three films: Quest for the Spear, King Solomon’s Mines and Curse of the Judas Chalice. Each was focused on Flynn Carsen (Wyle) as he was given the responsibility as The Librarian and discovered what it entailed.  From battles to save historical and magical items to keeping the location of The Library, home of everything mythical from Pandora’s Box to Excalibur, a safe and secret place.

This direct spin-off enlists four new faces into the mix. Flynn is on a quest when he runs to Colonel Eve Baird (Romijn) a former NATO agent whom The Library has chosen as Flynn’s “Guardian”. She is given the task to protect and train three new Librarians, each one bringing something new to the table. Cassandra (Booth) is a mathematician with a brain tumor that can work out the most difficult of sums in her head, Jacob (Kane) is an Oklahoma laborer and genius with an extensive knowledge of art history and architecture while Ezekiel (Kim) is a tech savvy thief who knows how to get in and out of anywhere without getting caught. Together with the help of Jenkins (Larroquette), keeper of the off branch of the Library, these individuals must take on more challenges than ever before.

As the series kicks off The Library is forced to shut down and become lost in time and space due to a raid by the Serpent Brotherhood. While Flynn departs on a mission to find The Library, he leaves the new members of the team to solve new mysteries that unveil working out of the Portland “off branch” of The Library. The clippings book that reports strange goings on in the word sends The Librarians across the globe using a magical backdoor to deal with Fairytales coming to life, a minotaur in a labyrinth, dragons, a science fair (to Cassandra’s excitement) with explosive consequences, a Tesla-built creation bringing back interdimensional beings, a house with a murderous inhabitant and the realisation that Santa Claus is in fact real.

Throughout the season, The Librarians deal with each of their roles in the group, from Cassandra’s betrayal to Eve’s superiority then learning to deal with loss and the understanding that you cannot save everyone. The actors chosen to play these roles really seem to blend well together on screen, resulting in a team that grows into something quite remarkable.

The season concludes with Flynn returning to stop the leader of the Serpent Brotherhood from destroying the “Loom of Fate” and rewriting history, resulting in The Library returning and each of the new Librarians being sent off into the world on their own adventures, making way for season two!

This spin off series takes everything viewers appreciated in The Librarian films and develops situations and adventures much further, bringing in new characters as well as favourites to take the Librarians’ journey to the next level.

Review by Michelle Moore