Love Gets Better With Age

John Galsworthy once said, “Love has no age, no limit; and no death.”  With Ruth & Alex, being released courtesy of Signature Entertainment, we are going to take a look at five movies that tell stories of older couples who have fiercely loved through the years, heartache, joys and trails life brings.
 Ruth and Alex
Romantic comedy and real-world satire collide when Hollywood heavyweights Morgan Freeman and Diane Keaton unite to redefine the term ‘coming of age’ in RUTH & ALEX. When Ruth (Keaton) and Alex (Freeman) first moved to Brooklyn, it was the 1970s — years before gentrification, and years before they would realise that they won’t always be physically able to climb several flights of stairs just to get home. Still highly active, yet feeling the undeniable effects of age, the couple opts to put their apartment on the market, and over one crazy weekend they discover that finding a new apartment is not about winding down but starting a whole new adventure! Directed by Richard Loncraine and with hilarious performances from a brilliant supporting cast, including Cynthia Nixon and Carrie Preston RUTH & ALEX is a heart-warming coming of age story about life, love and real estate!
It’s Complicated is a story nothing short of its title. When Jane (Meryl Streep) falls into a secret affair with her ex-husband of ten years, Jake (Alec Baldwin) the couple viciously works to keep their romantic relationship a secret from their three children and Jake’s much younger wife, Agness. It is not until the two attend their son Luke’s college graduation that the real trouble begins. The story follows the twisted trail of events that follow along with the stress that comes with carrying out such a unique affair.
It’s never too late to find true love—even with someone you would never expect. Despite being in his 60’s, Harry (Jack Nicholson), has a record of only dating women under 30. This includes his latest girlfriend, Marin. The couple decides to holiday alone at her mother’s beach house in the Hamptons, but instead are surprised by Marin’s mother, Erica, (Diane Keaton) and her aunt, Zoe. After Harry experiences an unexpected heart-attack the doctor encourages him to stay around the area for a few days. Meaning, he would be staying with Erica. The two have conflicting personalities, which leads to an awkward living arrangement, but the more time they spend together, the more they realise opposites do attract.
When Nikki (Anette Bening) tragically loses her husband, Garret (Ed Harris), in a drowning accident she struggles to get on with her life. Until she visits an art gallery and sees a man whose resemblance to her late-husband is uncanny. She later identifies the mysterious man as a local college professor named Tom (Harris).  The two eventually become involved in a romantic relationship, whilst she tries to keep a secret from her family and friends, who would recognize the eerie resemblance.
Sometimes all you need is a little hope to reignite the spark. Hope Springs tells the story of Kay and Arnold Soames (Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones), a faithfully devoted couple who have not slept in the same bed for years. Kay, realising their relationship is in jeopardy, signs the couple up for a week of intense marriage counselling in Maine, but Arnold denies anything is awry. The story follows the couple on the good, bad and awkward moments of falling in love all over again.
RUTH & ALEX on DVD now, courtesy of Signature Entertainment