Countdown to Oppenheimer: Christopher Nolan on Film

Tickets are now on sale for COUNTDOWN TO OPPENHEIMER: CHRISTOPHER NOLAN ON FILM at BFI IMAX. Seven of the famed director’s blockbuster epics will play between 26 February and 26 June from glorious IMAX 70mm prints including INCEPTION, INTERSTELLAR, and an all-nighter screening of THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY.Christopher Nolan is renowned for brilliantly utilising IMAX in his filmmaking. OPPENHEIMER will be his sixth film to be shot using IMAX film cameras following THE DARK KNIGHT, THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, INTERSTELLAR, DUNKIRK and TENET. OPPENHEIMER is released in UK cinemas on 21 July.

Travel through time, space, history, dreams and memory to explore the wonderful cinematic world of Christopher Nolan. The mini season begins with the director’s last film TENET and works backwards, only to pause and change direction at the beginning of Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy and work chronologically through this triptych. Fluidity of time is something that is continually explored in all of Nolan’s films and this fluidity is reflected in the programming. COUNTDOWN TO OPPENHEIMER: CHRISTOPHER NOLAN ON FILM presents cinema’s leading blockbuster auteur, a director who continually reaffirms our trust in the cinematic experience and one that is best experienced on the largest screen in the UK in magnificent IMAX 70mm.

Christopher Nolan is one of the 21st century’s most accomplished cinematic artists. Over his 25 year directorial career, Nolan’s films have grossed nearly $5 billion worldwide alongside huge critical acclaim. He is constantly pushing the limits of what large-scale filmmaking can be whilst retaining a reverence for the history of the medium and the primacy of cinemagoing. Christopher Nolan has been nominated for five Academy Awards™ and five BAFTA Awards and received a CBE for his contributions to cinema.

Still reigning supreme as the nation’s biggest screen, the iconic Waterloo destination is a must for movie lovers. In November 2022 BFI IMAX relaunched with wide-ranging enhancements including a new 4K IMAX with Laser projection system, immersive 12-channel sound technology, plush new seats and a brand new 65 foot high IMAX screen. During the refurbishment, BFI IMAX retained both print projectors: the IMAX GT Projector 15/70mm and a Century Projector that can screen 35mm/70mm. This follows the BFI resuming the day-to-day running and programming of the landmark venue in July 2022. To date, BFI IMAX remains one of the top ten grossing IMAX cinemas worldwide on the global smash hit AVATAR: THE WAY OF WATER.

Screenings for the Christopher Nolan mini season are below:

Sun Feb 26 & Mon Feb 27: TENET

Sun 12 Mar & Thu 16 Mar: DUNKIRK

Sun Apr 9 & Mon Apr 10: INTERSTELLAR

Sun Apr 30 & Mon May 1: INCEPTION

Sun May 14 & Thu May 18: BATMAN BEGINS


Sun Jun 11 & Thu Jun 15: THE DARK KNIGHT

Sun June 25 & Mon June 26: THE DARK KNIGHT RISES