Confess, Fletch  (15) |Close-Up Film Review

Dir. Greg Mottola, US, 2022, 98 mins

Cast:  Jon Hamm, Lorenza Izzo, Ray Wood, Ayden Mayeri

Review by Carol Allen

Jon Hamm takes over the role Chevy Chase played in the previous two Fletch movies in the eighties – and he’s actually rather good.   Handsome, wry, laid back and sexy.  Unfortunately the film itself doesn’t live up to him.

In this film former investigative reporter Fletch appears to have either taken early retirement or a be on a sabbatical.   He enjoys a lovely break in Italy where he meets and has an affair with Angela (Lorenza Izzo ) whose father has been kidnapped apparently back in Boston, which is where we first meet him, living in a smart rented apartment. 

We sort of gather he’s trying to help Angela find her father, who owns a valuable Picasso, which the kidnappers are demanding as ransom.   However a spanner is immediately thrown into the works when he finds a dead girl in his rented apartment – and Fletch is the main suspect.   Can he find the murderer before the police clap him in jail?

As he tries to use his investigative reporter skills to solve the mystery, he meets a variety of characters played by actors over acting.  They include the owner of his apartment and his interior design influencer wife (British Lucy Punch in not one of her best roles); Angela’s step mother (Marica Gay Harding totally wasted in both senses);  a dodgy art dealer (Kyle MacLachlan) and a woman with an incontinent dog.   The most amusing performances come from Ray Wood as the detective in charge of the case, a who is a new father suffering from baby inflicted sleepless nights and his smart and funny sidekick (Ayden Mayeri).

Apart from those two however the film gets increasingly confusing, chaotic and rather dull.   All I learned from it is that Boston has some rather impressive domestic architecture, but I never did find out the connection the dead girl has to the rest of them – and in the end I didn’t care.