Savage Waters |Close-Up Film Review

DirMichael Corker, France, 2022, 93 mins

Cast:  Charles Dance(voice), Andrew Cotton, Ross Edgley

Review by Dave Smith

The discovery of a 19th century treasure-hunter’s journal inspires a journey to seek out and surf a mythical, never-ridden wave in the dangerous Atlantic waters surrounding the Savage Islands.

For experienced skipper, Matt Knight, sailing to this uncharted region is impossible for him to resist. As a lifelong thrill-seeker, confirmed by his wife, he is constantly testing the limits of what’s possible, something world-class big wave surfer Andrew Cotton has also built his career on.

Complete with family and friends, they start to follow clues to find the ‘perfect wave’, but not everything goes to plan, bad weather, serious injury and life-threatening challenges testing the crew’s resilience and attitudes towards risk.

Narrated by Charles Dance, Savage Waters blends archive footage of the Knight family on previous adventures with some amazing cinematography of the natural world as they make the journey to the Savage Islands.

Even if your not a fan of surfing, Savage Waters is well worth a watch.