Kick Ass Movie Action Women

In an industry heavily dominated by male action characters, it is refreshing to see a female take the spotlight as a true action star. In celebration of the film MOMENTUM, IN CINEMAS AND ON DEMAND FROM 20th NOVEMBER, 2015, we are going to take a look at films that feature women taking the lead and kicking ass.
Alex (Olga Kurylenko), an expert thief with a secretive past, accidentally reveals her identity after being pulled into one last task by her former partner. She then finds herself in a government conspiracy much larger than she could have imagined and will use her unmatched skills in this deadly game of chase to avenge her murdered friends and find answers.
Charlie’s Angels
Based off the 1970s television action comedy series, this film tells the story of three beautiful and highly trained private investigators played by Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz. The kick-ass girls embark on a mission to save a kidnapped billionaire who created a top-secret voice ID software and keep that software out of the wrong people’s hands.
Kill Bill
In the film Kill Bill, Uma Thurman plays ‘The Bride’ a former assassin, who after waking up from a four year coma, seeks revenge on her fiancé, Bill, who attempted to murder her on their wedding day. The Bride pursues her unquenchable desire to make even with anyone involved in the death of her unborn child and wedding party.
Merida (voiced by Kelly Macdonald) is the courageous, free-spirited, gifted-archer and daughter of the Scottish king (Billy Connolly) and queen (Emma Thompson). She boldly stands against the old traditions of her kingdom and this defiance enrages the lords of the land, which causes a rift between her and her people. Merida searches to discover the true meaning of being brave.
Tomb Raider
Tomb Raider
This film inspired by the video-game character, Lara Croft, tells the exhilarating story of the beautiful and unyielding heroine in her quest to save the world. The storyline revolves around her mission to obtain ancient stolen artefacts from the Illuminati.  Angelina Jolie’s performance placed the film number one in the box office on its opening weekend.
There has been an age-old war between the vampires and a species of werewolves called Lycans. Selene (Kate Beckinsale), a vampire who works for a vampire clan as a trained killer of Lycans, finds motivation in their assassination through revenge after Lycans slaughtered her family 600 years earlier—leaving her an orphan.

Is in cinemas and on demand from 20th November, 2015 courtesy of Signature Entertainment