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‘In The Middle’ In Cinemas March 31st 

Told from the centre of the playing field, In The Middle follows a diverse group of match officials as they attempt to cope with the rigours of running matches in grassroots football.

Experienced or new to it, young or old, male, female or non-binary, these unsung heroes tell us about their passion for the game, about their lives outside of it and why they’re drawn to the often-thankless task of refereeing.

Winner of the Best Screenplay Award at the

2022 Paladino d’Oro Sports Film Festival

“Without referees, football would be chaos. Cruttwell has told their story excellently in a must-see for all football fans.”


“In The Middle offers a masterclass in sports documentary truly capturing the passion, spirit, and dedication of these referees in such a unique way.”


“Engaging…a real sense of pride and passion”