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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Season 15 (15) | Home Ents Review


Dir. Anthony E. Zuiker, Carol Mendelsohn and Ann Donachue, USA, 2015, 735 mins

Cast: Ted Danson, Elizabeth Shue, George Eads, Jorja Fox, Eric Szmanda

Created by Anthony E. Zuiker, the CSI franchise first came to our TV screens back in 2000 when a team of forensic scientists were introduced to use physical evidence and their investigative skills to solve various murders and crimes in the Las Vegas area. Several years later two spin off series’, CSI: Miami and CSI: New York, were created with neither having quite the impact as the original. With CSI: Miami and CSI: New York having previously come to an end, the time eventually came for the original series to conclude, 15 years after it originally aired.

With Season 14 ending without a cliff hanger, Season 15 was left open to explore something new and this is the ongoing story line of the Gig Harbor Killer, a murderer from Seattle that Finley (Shue) and D.B. Russell (Danson) have had dealings with in the past. This story unfolds through several episodes each time with a little more of the details coming to light before some very nail-biting situations. As well as this main focus there are individual story lines laced throughout such as Sara (Fox) and Greg (Szmanda) being quarantined due to a deadly disease outbreak (‘Bad Blood’), a shootout at a forensic conference (‘Girls Gone Wilder’), the death of a high school chemistry teacher (‘The book of Shadows’) and some very strange rubber dolls (‘Rubbery Homicide’) to name but a few situations the team find themselves involved in.

As the season comes to a close, the team is placed in some very trying times with some team players heading for new horizons while others are left fighting for their life (‘The End Game’).

Much like its predecessors, this fifteenth and final season is very character driven with each individual having their personal lives as well as their professional ones placed in the limelight. Nick (Eads) and Sara are called upon to solve cases that hit a little too close to home while D.B and Finley deal with a face from the past. There are also a few familiar faces appearing throughout the season including Patricia Arquette as Dr. Avery Ryan (CSI: Cyber), Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Greg Grunberg, Brandon Quinn and Sharon Osbourne.

No season would be complete without some DVD Special Features and these include ‘Following The Evidence’ which looks into the characters and how they have developed, ‘Killer Crime Scenes’ which documents the crime scenes of this season; particularly those of the Gig Harbor Killer, ‘That’s All Stokes’ is all about Nick and how his character has changed from a new level 3 criminalist to a mentor and leader, ‘All Dolled Up’, ‘Cool Cars’, ‘Girls Gone Gadgets’, ‘Deleted Scenes’ and ‘Audio Commentaries’.

CSI Crime Scene Investigation paved the way for TV crime shows and although this one has come to an end, be sure to look out for CSI: The Finale, a feature length episode that brings the old team together for one last case and the last remaining spin off series CSI: Cyber.

Review by Michelle Moore

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Season 15 is out now.