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Body (15) | Home Ents Review


Dir. Dan Berk and Robert Olsen, US, 2015, 74 mins

Cast: Helen Rogers, Alexandra Turshen, Lauren Molina, Larry Fessenden

There have been countless movies over the years where young women are at home alone and some psychopath breaks in and murders them. However, in this instance, it is the young girls who break in and cause the death of another.

Holly (Rogers), Cali (Turshen) and Mel (Molina) become bored over the Christmas period and follow Cali to her uncle’s empty house where they can party into the night without any parents. However, when it comes to light the house actually belongs to a couple Cali used to babysit for, they plan to leave. Before they can the groundskeeper Arthur (Fessenden) surprises them and is accidently pushed down the stairs, appearing to be dead. The remainder of the film explores the young ladies discussing ways in which they can cover up this man’s death. That is until it turns out he isn’t as dead as they first thought so all their original plans go out the window and they think up Plan B, which causes conflicts between the three of them.

Cali appears as the leader of the group, the blond one who wants to take risks with no regards to the consequences and feelings of others. Holly is in love and level-headed for much of the time, although easily persuaded to do things she knows she shouldn’t do while Mel is the easy going, sarcastic, go with the flow type. These three together may make for a good friendship, however for viewers it’s just boring to watch the conversation go back and forth and back and forth. The way in which they disregard their illegal actions and plan to blame Arthur for his own death is utterly disgusting and behavior you hope would never actually take place in reality.

Body is the directorial debut from Dan Berk and Robert Olsen and unfortunately it never really takes off or involves the viewer in any way. To consider it a thriller, there needs to be some shocking elements, something that startles the audience and leaves them pondering future events. However the film is so slow moving that by the time the groundskeeper even arrives, the viewer has lost interest in what will eventually happen to him. There are no shocking moments, nothing that will startle a viewer or keep them on the edge of their seat. In fact, with the utter nonsense these three girls go through, you may actually find yourself wanting to scream at the screen how ridiculous they are being.

Review by Michelle Moore

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Body is out on DVD and digitally on 31 August.