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Feature by Carol Allen

Due to the fact that the cinemas are now closed for the foreseeable future, new releases have now been put back until we can once more go to the movies.   This week we would have been reviewing:

Astronaut – a delightful feel good movie starring Richard Dreyfuss as a 75 year old man who enters a competition to win a place on the first commercial flight into space.

Radio-active – the story of Marie Curie and her husband Pierre, who discovered radioactivity with a terrific central performance from Rosamund Pyke as Marie

 A Quite Place 2 – Continuing the story of a family living in silence because of the threat of killer creatures who hunt by sound.   Stars Emily Blunt

These and other forthcoming movies are still planned for cinema release and we will be reviewing them when the cinemas open again.

However several recent movies which were still in the cinemas last week are now available to download and some distributers are releasing some of their new films straight to online platforms rather than waiting.

And The We Danced (reviewed last week http://www.close-upfilm.com/2020/03/and-then-we-danced-15-review/)

is now available pay to view on Curzon Home Cinema https://www.curzonhomecinema.com/content/in-cinemas-now and Vimeo on demand https://vimeo.com/ondemand/andthenwedanced

You can also find two of this week’s new films on the Curzon Home Cinema site:

The Truth, starring Catherine Deneuve and Juliette Binoche in an explosive mother and daughter relationship

Dogs Don’t Wear Pants –  a darkly humorous Finnish film about a grieving widower and his relationship with a dominatrix named Mona – described as a story of loss, love and the sweet pain of being and as far as I can establish, not a canine star in sight!

Plus last week’s Bacurau, Cunningham and recent releases Portrait of a Lady on Fire, End of the Century and Escape from Pretoria

Other platforms which have new and recent releases

MUBI https://mubi.com/showing  – rental available

Universal Pictures Home Entertainment https://www.uphe.com/ – download to buy films such as 1917, Dolittle, Dark Waters and Queen and Slim

Other sites carrying new and recent movies include BFI Player, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Prime, Netflix and Disney

There’s a bewildering choice but here at Close Up Films we will be carrying reviews of as many of the new online and DVD releases as our team can cover!

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