Terror of Hallow’s Eve (15) | Home Ents Review

Dir. Todd Tucker, US, 2017, 80 mins

Cast: Caleb Thomas, Sarah Lancaster, Annie Reed, Doug Jones

Review by Michelle Moore

You cannot beat a good Halloween themed movie and Terror of Hallow’s Eve is one that will send shivers down your spine.

Tim (Thomas) is a young lad who loves all things creepy and has a real passion with the unknown, the unexplained and the supernatural. His Halloween pranks get him in trouble with the neighbors while his artwork and sculpture of the creatures that go bump in the night are superb and show real talent. Upon hearing strange noises in the attic, investigating results in the discovery of ‘The Book of Halloween’. Is this his imagination or is something spooky going on? Upon reading the scripture aloud, a series of events unfold where bullying and beatings result in Tim wishing he could scare his tormentors to death. With the discovery of a mysterious pumpkin brings forth The Trickster.

In appearance The Trickster looks scary and unsettling yet with its big bulging eyes also full of sorrow and despair. As Tim is such a talented artist, The Trickster encourages him to draw the fate of his bullies, and as they enter different parts of the house, doors lead them to their own hell and unknown existences where Tim’s imagination is able to run wild and delve into his deep dark unconsciousness to imagine the most terrifying experiences; from flesh eating creatures to mischievous puppets. The horrid little rhymes recited by The Trickster make things even creepier. When The Trickster sets it sights on April (Reed), Tim must snap out of his trance to defend her, with devastating results.

Some people may relate to the feelings of this teenage boy; bullied for being different and liking things that are out of the norm. However, it is a refreshing to see him put all his emotions into his artwork and not into more disturbing ways of handling the world that is going on around him.

Although Terror of Hallow’s Eve is not particular scary, gut wrenching, blood soaked or leaves you wanting to head under the covers, it does make for an interested subject and one that keeps viewers engaged and unnerved all at the same time. The unexpected ending is something to watch out for as just when you thought The Trickster had played out its plans and returned to the unknown realm in which it came from the movie develops a new direction. This is certainly a movie worth viewing and one that will leave a lasting impression on you mind.

Terror of Hallow’s Eve is release on Digital HD 10th June 2019