New six-part ‘Meet the Producer’ podcast series

The Production Guild of Great Britain (PGGB) today launches its brand new ‘Meet the Producer’ podcast series, hosted by Film Critic, Presenter and new producer Jason Solomons who is setting out to learn how the best in the business go about their work.

The six-part series sees the UK’s leading producers sharing unique insights into their individual careers and experiences in the field of screen producing. Launching today (Friday 29 July) with a debut episode featuring Jed Mercurio OBE (Line of Duty, Bodyguard), five more episodes will drop weekly on Fridays, featuring: Stefan D’Bart & Ward Trowman of Bromantics (BOILING POINT, A VIOLENT MAN); Ronni Ancona & Sally Phillips of Captain Dolly (PALME DOG, CLASSIC); Colin Vaines (FILM STARS DON’T DIE IN LIVERPOOL, CORIOLANUS); Elizabeth Karlsen, Number 9 Films (CAROL, COLETTE); and Roopesh Parekh (Willow, His Dark Materials: The Subtle Knife).

Guests will discuss the role of the producer and the many different facets of the job, covering everything from what attracts them to new projects, to financing models and ‘the art of the deal’, to managing budgets and pressured schedules.

Lyndsay Duthie, PGGB CEO, says: “We’re really excited to present PGGB’s new ‘Meet the Producers’ podcast. We’re always looking for new ways to inspire and inform our members and the wider industry about careers in production and the different routes into successful careers. There are plenty of filmmaking podcasts out there exploring the role of the director or screenwriter, but we wanted to take a deep dive into the less examined, yet crucial role of the producer. ‘Meet the Producers’ will provide a unique insight into the work of some of today’s most influential UK producing talent. What better way to do so, than to put them into Jason Solomons’ expert hands, while the rest of us listen in to six engaging and inspiring conversations!”

Jason Solomons says: “Inspired to become a film producer after 25 years as a critic and presenter, I found myself wondering what the role of a producer really was? I’d interviewed hundreds of directors, actors and screenwriters but the producers’ role had always been a bit of mystery. I wanted to find the answers by asking some leading figures in British production. With this series, working with PGGB, we are shining a light on the art of the producer, with the aim of inspiring filmmakers everywhere.”

Episodes will be available to stream on the PGGB website and all podcast platforms. The podcast series will also be added to PGGB’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) for future trainees to use as a learning resource.

This podcast series forms part of PGGB’s line-producer training programme delivered through PGGB’s partnership with the British Film Commission (BFC), and in support of the BFC’s Stage Space Support Development (SSSD) Strategy. Ensuring the feasibility of supported stage space projects is a key criterion of the BFC’s SSSD strategy. As such, access to appropriately experienced crew is a central component. The partnership between PGGB and the BFC identifies and addresses key needs for the sector, which are a priority for all BFC’s SSSD interventions.

For more information about PGGB’s Meet the Producers podcast, click here. Listen and subscribe via Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

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