A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon (U) | Close-Up Film Review

Directors: Will Becher, Richard Phelan, UK/France/USA 2019 86 mins.

Cast: Justin Fletcher, John Sparkes, Amalia Vitale, Kate Harbour, Joe Sugg

Review by Carlie Newman

What a delightful film this is! Following on from their animated 2015 film, this sequel has its own little story. Shaun the sheep (Justin Fletcher) discovers a lovely blue alien called Lu-La (Amalia Vitale).

When Shaun finds that all his pizza has been eaten, he discovers that Lu-La has been hiding in the farmer’s barn and eating the pizza ordered by Shaun and the other sheep at Mossy Bottom farm (Joe Suggs is the voice of the pizza boy). She is, however, a lovely alien in the ET mould: attractive, full of fun and with a glitter about her.

Shaun introduces Lu-La to the other sheep who all take to the little alien. Turns out that her ship has crash-landed, and she is seemingly stuck on earth. A dark government organisation in the shape of Red, the Agent (Kate Harbour) comes after the cute alien as the organisation wants to capture the UFO.

With echoes of ET, the Aardmann film, directed by Will Becher and Richard Phelan, has the gorgeous production values we are used to in an Aardman animated comedy. Using their usual stop-motion technique, the film is almost silent. There is no dialogue at all, just bleats from the sheep, a kind of alien nonsensical speech from Lu-La and grunts from the humans.

Lovely to look at, very amusing, with good characterisation of humans and animals …and, of course, the alien! This film can be enjoyed by the whole family.