Curzon launch revamped Community Screenings this September

Curzon Cinemas announced today a revamped programme of community screenings which include Kids Club, Baby Club, Dog Days, Captioned Screenings, Silver Screen, and Autism and Demtia-friendly screenings, expanding Curzon’s inclusive screening programme for all cinema lovers. 

Alex Sheldon, Director of Operations at Curzon said; 

‘After consultation with our customers and the local communities around our cinemas, we have revamped our community screenings to reflect what people have asked of us. Curzon aims to be an inclusive space where everyone feels welcome and can enjoy cinema in an environment tailored to their needs. 

As we progress with these new strands we welcome feedback from our customers to ensure they are working for everyone as intended.’ 
Kids Club 

Weekly screenings for children aged between 1 and 12, and their families, at a discounted ticket price.

• Participating cinemas include Curzon Camden, Curzon Riverside,    Curzon Westgate, Curzon Colchester, Curzon Hoxton, Curzon    Kingston, Curzon Knutsford, Curzon Oxford.
• Weekly Sat or Sun 10:30 am.
• Discounted ticket price/family price.
• Party packages will be available.
• Attendees must be accompanied by a child.

Baby Club 

Weekly screenings for parents and carers with babies under 12 months old, with reduced volume and increased lighting. 

• Participating cinemas include Curzon Aldgate, Curzon Westgate,    Curzon Colchester, Curzon Hoxton, Curzon Kingston, and Curzon    Oxford. 
• Suitable for parents or carers with children under 12 months of age. 
• Older siblings are permitted to attend as part of the group subject to    BBFC age restrictions. 
• Lowered volume, dimmed lights, subtitles. 
• Generally 12A rating or under. 
• Ticket price includes F&B offer (hot drink & cake).

Dog Days 

Weekly screenings for dog owners and their canine companions (dog lovers without one of their own are also welcome!). 

• Participating cinemas include Curzon Aldgate, Curzon Camden,    Curzon Westgate, and Curzon Hoxton. 
• Weekly, a mix of afternoon and evening screenings. 
• The film is chosen from the existing programme and not necessarily    dog-themed! 
• Lowered volume.
• Lighting lowered as normal.
• Dog treats will be made available.
• Water bowls inside the screen.
• Regular ticket price.
• Dogs must be on leashes and are not allowed on seats. 
• Owners are required to bring their own clean dog blanket for the     floor. Admission will be at Curzon’s discretion. 
• Owners will be required to clean up after their dog if necessary.
• Dogs need to be small enough to fit on the floor by the seats.
• Dogs are welcome in all cafe/bar areas ahead of screenings. 
• Only well-behaved dogs will be allowed in the venue. 
• Dog lovers without a dog may attend. 

Silver Screen 

Film selection intended primarily for customers 65+ but all ages are welcome. 

• Participating cinemas include Curzon Camden, Curzon Westgate,    Curzon Colchester, Curzon Knutsford, Curzon Oxford, Curzon    Richmond, Curzon Sheffield, Curzon Victoria, and Curzon    Wimbledon.
• Ticket price includes F&B offer and cinemas will host a post-screening    discussion area. 
• Specially curated programme.
• Monthly – Last Tuesday of the month

Autism Friendly Screenings 

Screenings with low lighting and sound, freedom of movement, and run by trained staff to reduce sensory input and stress for attendees. 

• Participating cinemas include Curzon Aldgate, Curzon Camden,    Curzon Riverside, Curzon Hoxton, Curzon Kingston, Curzon    Knutsford, Curzon Oxford, Curzon Sheffield,    Curzon Soho, Curzon Victoria.
• Weekly: Monday afternoons
• Dimmed lighting.
• Lower volume.
• Films selected from the existing programme and 12A or less. 
• Regular ticket price.
• Same time slot and staff where possible.
• No pre-show or trailers. 
• Trained staff. 

Dementia-Friendly Screenings 

A relaxed, regular screening slot with the same staff for every session to create a stress-free experience for dementia sufferers and their carers. 

• Participating cinemas include Curzon Westgate, Curzon Colchester,    Curzon Kingston, Curzon Knutsford, Curzon Oxford, Curzon    Richmond, Curzon Victoria, and Curzon Wimbledon.
• Monthly – First Friday of the month. 
• Low lights.
• Clear signage for toilets/exit/bar.
• Regular ticket price.
• Films selected from the existing programme or a suitable classic    film. 
• Same, trained staff for each screening where possible. 
• No pre-show or trailers. 

Captioned Screenings 

Close captioned screenings circuit-wide and at various times of the day. 

• Film selected from the existing programme. 
• Close Captioned.