Boo! (12A) | Home Ents Review

Dir. Luke Jaden, US, 2019, 90 mins

Cast: Jill Marie Jones, Rob Zabrecky, Aurora Perrineau, Jaden Piner

Review by Michelle Moore

Halloween is meant to be a night dedicated for trick or treating for the youngsters and fun, jokes and maybe being a little naughty for the young at heart. In Boo! however, the fun never arrives at the party and from the atmosphere within this household looks as though it left quite some time ago.

This family is not in the best mindset at the moment, struggling to keep their wits about them and stay together. The mother (Jones) drinks and is highly medicated due to the loss of a child, the father (Zabrecky) is strict and religious, the daughter (Perrineau) self-harms and has suicidal thoughts, while the twelve year old son (Piner) suppresses his emotions into his dark artwork. When the family receives a Boo! on Halloween, think along the lines of a paperchain letter, while other family members dismiss it, the youngest knows it is something to be taken seriously and if not passed along, unknown forces will begin work on this family. As each of the family members start to have visions and see things that are not really there, each begins to wonder, is the Boo just a prank by an unknown source, or is there really something supernatural going on?

With a movie classed as a horror, you would expect much more than what has been offered in this one. The cast are very plain and show no real emotion throughout, everyone appears to be lethargic and lifeless. Even when the family are having a discussion about the crazy things that have been going on there is not terror, tears or torment in their expressions or the words said to each other.

There are very occasional moments of intrigue such as when crosses start turning upside down without the touch of a human hand, the twisted form of a human body suspended midair and the ghostly animal apparition travelling down the corridor. Suspense is mostly built upon by music, such as the young boy walks towards the front door and a spooky apparition can be seen in the background. Other than these few elements, there are no scares, jumps or frightening aspects to this movie which is a shame. Flickering lights, crying babies, creaky doors, elongated music notes, a raging fireplace and dark, at times nearly black, onscreen visuals do not add to the feeling of being scared or spooked. It does not send a shiver, give goosebumps or have you quaking in your boots. It is unfortunate that on this occasion, Boo! fails to be a horror movie that will be remembered and leave an impact on the viewer. It should have been much more terrifying than it turned out to be.

Boo! set for Digital Download release on 17th June