Acclaimed jazz singer, Anthony Strong Shares His Top Jazz Films

“As a part-time movie buff and full time jazz musician, I love it when these jazz and film combine. From classics that use a jazz soundtrack (such as “Taxi Driver”), to biopics of jazz legends (like “Ray” or “Somewhere Beyond The Sea”), right up to movies like “The Terminal” and “The Talented Mr Ripley” (where the plot features a jazz twist), here’s my top ten of ‘jazz films’ and a track from each movie…”

Ray (Mr. Ray Charles – one of my biggest inspirations) – HALLELUJAH (I JUST LOVE HER SO)
Ray 1
The Talented Mr Ripley (featuring music from my good friend Guy Barker!) TU VUO FA L’AMERICANO
The Talented Mr Ripley 5
Let’s Get Lost (a classic portrait of a jazz legend) MY FUNNY VALENTINE
The Terminal (the jazz twist at the end absolutely made this film for me) Something in B-Flat
Guys And Dolls (Frank Sinatra AND Marlon Brando – say no more…) I’ve Never Been In Love Before
Taxi Driver (the main theme to this movie played on sax is utterly haunting) THEME
Taxi Driver
Somewhere Beyond The Sea – (Kevin Spacey kills it as Bobby Darin in this powerful biopic) SOMEWHERE BEYOND THE SEA
Somewhere Beyond The Sea
The Night They Called It A Day – (a film about the great Frank Sinatra’s cursed tour to Australia) THE NIGHT WE CALLED IT A DAY
Promotional studio portrait of American singer and actor Frank Sinatra, 1950s. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)
Whiplash (controversial amongst musicians, but some great songs and a great soundtrack) CARAVAN
Chicago (a classic musical with real bite – and an all-star band!) ALL THAT JAZZ

Nicknamed “The James Bond of Jazz” for his suave English look and sound, Anthony regularly sells out 3-5 thousand capacity venues worldwide and his music has topped the Itunes Jazz Charts in Germany and the USA. He also gets regular Radio 2 & Radio 3 airplay in the UK where he’s touring this year, already selling out Ronnie Scotts.
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