1980s Movie Mix – Exclusively at Picturehouse Cinemas this August

Get ready for a blockbuster-sized summer celebration of the best films from the greatest decade: 1980s Movie Mix is an all-hits mixtape of cinematic brilliance, guaranteed to transport you through the biggest, boldest, most exuberant movie decade of all time.

Turn up the synths, roll up your sleeves, and step into our electronica-powered time machine, as we go from fist-pumping action thrill-rides to neon-lit cult hits, with love stories, epic dramas and hilarious comedies in between. Welcome to the ’80s in all their fluorescent glory.

The movies in our mix were quite literally made for the big screen, so ditch the VHS player, dust off the shoulder pads and filofax, and get yourself down to your local Picturehouse. You won’t want to be anywhere else this August.


From 19 Jul | Book Now

American Gigolo
Film Club | From 27 Jul | Book Now

The Princess Bride
From 27 Jul | Book Now

From 26 Jul | Book Now

From 02 Aug | Book Now

From 03 Aug | Book Now

Film Club | From 02 Aug | Book Now

Film Club | From 09 Aug | Book Now

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
From 09 Aug | Book Now

Top Gun
From 09 Aug | Book Now

Little Shop of Horrors
From 16 Aug | Book Now

The Blues Brothers
From 16 Aug | Book Now

Beverly Hills Cop
Film Club | From 16 Aug | Book Now

The Fly
From 23 Aug | Book Now

Film Club | From 23 Aug | Book Now

Broadcast News
From 23 Aug | Book Now

Desperately Seeking Susan
From 30 Aug | Book Now